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The Re-Synthesist compilation is only available with vinyl purchase, both available digitally through our usual storefront suspects. He eventually figured out that if he placed a watt light bulb near the synth, he could regulate the temperature enough to keep the instrument sounding good. Com os melhores votos para o Brasil.

In the beginning I simply was not able to say weather "Synthesist" was good or bad. The book is extremely patriotic, and I hope conducts some of the awesome happiness I feel for the creativity of this great nation, as a first generation immigrant.

It took quite a while to accept that I was able to create music on keyboards Harald grosskopf synthesist reissue blogspot can be shared and liked by others. I think these recordings really provide an honest human flavour that counteracts mass market swill. Udo was the guy who motivated me to try going solo.

Some of the art work on these albums is fantastic. More than one time Florian had to pay at the mortgage office to get Daniels valuable Gibson guitar back, which he had left there to score money for drugs.

I am not saying that it was not my fault. Posted by Zen Archer at. That we where drunk and illegal sedated, did not interest them at all.

They are kind of environmentally damaging. We want everybody to have a shot at getting some of this good stuff. They should be celebrating the original record, given how much their music now owes to it and work like it, and so should anyone else interested in the sound of the electronic music that ushered in the 80s.

I lived in small flats. After I finished "Synthesist" I had not listen to it almost during a period of 20 years. He also has lead his own quartet with pianist Richie Beirach, drummer Billy Hart, and the lyrically riveting tenor man Rich Perry.

The answers to that one are as many as there are private press recording artists.

What equipment and musical instruments did you use to recording that album. This image-- of new breakthroughs in sound-making technology having difficulty being used because of the of their surroundings-- is a nice snapshot of where music technology was in the days of analog electronics.

Is there a hierarchy that a small group of collectors sets when it comes to these recordings. Why do you think that is. Having spawned from the vibrant and vivacious drive masterly conveyed on classic electronic records such as Alpha Centauri and Blackdance - now those synths took on the very thing that people associated them with: The music on Synthesist hovers in an intriguing middle ground between instrumental synth-pop in the vein of early Kraftwerk and more free-form space-drone explorations popularized by Schulze and Tangerine Dream.

Now whilst some sections on this debut album feel somewhat close to the great oceanic textures of the aforementioned electronic guru and pioneer, you also sense a devout and knowledgeable act that know their way around musicians like Moebius, Froese, Schnitzler and Hoenig.

The list below includes just some of the titles being released.

Stream RVNG’s ‘Synthesist’ Reissue and Read Harald Grosskopf’s Commentary

We perfectly fitted into their pre-judice about age and image of German terrorists: This record contains the WDR radio event from December Do you think that these artists never intended to try to get a label to release these albums and so they were recorded without much expectation of commercial recognition.

We set up our then quite sparse equipment in that foyer and had, even in this dark historical environment a lot of fun. I hope that the tone of the book reflects our love and admiration of the creativity and spirit of all these people.

Do you have plans to release records hitherto unpublished or even reissue some of your albums like the re-release of "Synthesist" with bonus tracks included covered by new artists or even tracks recorded at the time?.

Until now Harald Grosskopf produced six solo albums, the last, – SYNTHESIST - was released in October Harald can be heard on more than CD’s/LP’s, of other artists. Harald can be heard on more than CD’s/LP’s, of other artists.

Mar 02,  · The tail-end of the seventies was a confusing time musically. In many ways you could say that the progressive scene, be that the rock, electronic or both coupled up together - came together in a very homogeneous way that foretold the sonic soap operas of the impending degisiktatlar.com: Cun Cun Revival.

Harald Grosskopf worked with Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel, Cosmic Jokers and was also a member of Wallenstein.

In the late '70s he began working on his solo project –. New York’s RVNG Intl.

label will reissue Harald Grosskopf’s Synthesist, a cult classic of German electronic music, on February 16, FACT’s resident kraut nut has been banging on about.

New York’s RVNG Intl. label will reissue Harald Grosskopf’s Synthesist, a cult classic of German electronic music, on February 16, Synthesist is the debut solo album by Harald Grosskopf, the enigmatic percussionist behind Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, and Cosmic Jokers.

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Harald grosskopf synthesist reissue blogspot
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