Case study on legal monopoly in india

Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune do not have dedicated suburban tracks but share the tracks with long distance trains. Many of there routes have buses operated by limited numbers of operators. Dairy - Mother Dairy, Parag and Amul to name a few with smaller brands existing with minuscule market shares.

The Competition Authority used a number of advocacy tools to convince regulators.

Case Study

Continue paying your mortgage and buying expensive train sets Trucks that carry goods to a particular location are hauled back by trains saving the trucking company on unnecessary fuel expenses.

In addition, 4 diesel locomotives were supplied to Non Railway Customers. The Indian Railways manufactures a lot of its rolling stock and heavy engineering components. The extended legal battle was a PR disaster, with every aspect of the company's working practices being scrutinised and the media presenting the case as a David and Goliath battle.

Beef content in fries[ edit ] Lawsuits were brought against the McDonald's Corporation in the early s for including beef in its French fries despite claims that the fries were vegetarian. There shall be an abuse of dominant position if an enterprise indulges into the below mentioned activities: The plant also produces diesel-electric shunters.

The Kolkata metro has the administrative status of a zonal railway, though it does not come under the seventeen railway zones. The train travels around the country, staying at a location for about two months before moving elsewhere. The success of the instrument used depends, largely, on its acceptance by the Government.

Indeed, such contracts were spread over a large number of distinct costumers and, as a result, contract values were often below the minimum threshold required for competitive tendering by the public procurement law. While the factors to be taken into account are similar to the parameters to be applied while examining anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominant position the CCI shall also have due regard to the following factors: A privatization scheme was introduced recently to improve the performance of freight trains.

Each coach has different accommodation class; the most popular being the sleeper class.

McDonald's legal cases

Some of the similarities were almost word-for-word: It also manufactured 95, wheels and 49, axles. McDonald's is a well-known product liability lawsuit that became a flash point in the debate in the U. There are a total of 6, stations; yards; 2, goods-sheds; repair shops and a total workforce of 1.

The Kolkata metro has the administrative status of a zonal railway, though it does not come under the seventeen railway zones. Power generation and supply in most of the parts of the country Automobile industry Long distance road transportation by bus.

No existing competition in a designated market. Directing the persons or entities ruled against to desist from abusing a dominant position or discontinuing acting upon anti-competitive agreements Imposing penalty to the maximum extent of ten percent of the average turnover for the last preceding three financial years upon each person or entity party to the abuse Award compensation Modify agreements Recommend the division of the dominant enterprise to the Centre, which has the ultimate authority to decide the fate of a dominant enterprise Recovery of compensation from any enterprise for any loss or damage shown to have suffered by the other party.

Click to Login as an existing user or Register so you can print this article. Suburban rail The New Delhi Metro railway Many cities have their own dedicated suburban networks to cater to commuters.

As with most developing economies, the main reason is import substitution of expensive technology related products.

Intention is to help evolve competition law through review of policy, promotion of competition advocacy, creating awareness and imparting training about competition issues. The cafe's sign reflected this, featuring a Scottish thistle and a St Andrew's flag.

MRTP Act was applicable to Private and Public sector undertakings only, whereas, the new Act extends its reach to governmental departments engaged in business activities. A standard passenger train consists of eighteen coachesbut some popular trains can have up to 24 coaches.

CCI is empowered "Certain agreements and dominant position of enterprise" "Combinations" CCI, either on its own motion, on receipt of a complaint or on a reference made to it by the Centre or State Government may enquire into any alleged contravention regarding the nature of the agreement, which is suspected to be inherently anti-competitive, or the abuse of dominant position.

They usually have nine coaches or sometimes twelve to handle rush hour traffic. Additional measures were also ensured against potential discrimination of small operators. Toothpaste Industry in India.

What are case studies showing examples of oligopoly in India?

Monopolistic Competition. Monopolistic competition.

Case Study on Monopoly. Monopolistic Competition in Face Wash. Monopolistic Competition. Monopolistic Competition (1) Monopolistic Competition. Documents Similar To Monopolistic Tooth Paste Industry. Project Report on Monopoly.

Uploaded by. davazi 3/5(6). The case study is organized as follows: Section 2 briefly presents the country and sector background and Section 3 outlines the legal, regulatory and policy framework for the telecommunications sector in India.

Oligopoly is the middle ground between monopoly and capitalism. An oligopoly is a small group Case Study Abstract This case study discusses how McDonald’s India managed to buck the trend in a Direct and indirect, the direct one pertains to the goods coming through proper channels and in a legal way and finding its way into the.

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Microsoft and Monopoly Case Study of Strategies used by Microsoft to leverage its monopoly position in operating systems in Internet Browser market Introduction: Microsoft in China and India, Legal; Site Map.

McDonald's India – Vikram Bakshi partnership case On 30 AugustMcDonald's published a public notice in select newspapers, declaring that McDonald's India partner Vikram Bakshi had ceased to be the managing director of Connaught Plaza Restaurants (CPRL) pursuant to .

Case study on legal monopoly in india
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